News for 2022

Like for most everyone in the world, the last couple of years have been interesting. We’ve lost dear family members, we’ve bought and sold a house, we’ve had job changes, and lots more events that add up to a lot of change for us.

Both Lisa and Ken have lost parents. In 2020, my dad was “promoted to glory,” borrowing a phrase from an acquaintance, at age 91, and earlier this year Lisa’s mom received the same promotion at 86. Both are missed, but we look forward to seeing them again in the better place to which they have preceded us.

As noted in our last post, I joined the team at the Georgia World Congress Center in 2019, and is now the Director of Project and Program Management there, taking on that role in September 2021. Lisa will be starting a new job with a new company very shortly after several years at Serra Simmons Bedding. More to come on that once it’s official.

In March 2021, we moved to a new house that we intend to be our last one. For the last six-plus months, we’ve been living in a construction site as we have been in the process of adding on to the house and making a few internal modifications. We’re excited to be close to the end of this process so we can truly settle in and enjoy the additional space.

We have a lot to be thankful for in the midst of all that has happened in the world.