I am a big reader.  I always have at least one book in progress, and usually two.  One of my new passions is encouraging others to read good books, and learning how to identify them.  Along with my friend and pastor Spencer Haygood, I’m developing a web site about this that I hope you will spend some time reading at Let My People Read!  Favorite subjects are history, mystery, science fiction, and the practical application of theology.

Photography is a hobby I always enjoyed, and now is enriched by sharing it with Lisa.  Vacations for us are one big photo shoot, and sharing our pleasure in this is one of the main reasons for this site.


What You Should Know


Favorite Camera:
Nikon D7200

Favorite Subjects:
Books, history, Lisa

What I’m Reading Now:
The Smoke at Dawn by Jeff Shaara

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Vienna, Austria so far


My story starts in Birmingham, Alabama, where I was born.  I’m the only child of Anita and Joe Page, my adored parents.  They provided me with an idyllic childhood absorbed in family, church, playmates, reading and drawing.

I never had a “vision” of what I wanted to be when I grow up (I’m still trying to figure that out…); however, I always have been involved in the arts through my hobbies.  What started out as an avid drawing and painting passion evolved into a love of photography.  I was privileged to study briefly at the Southeastern Center for the Arts under Neil Chaput de Saintonge, who later founded the Rocky Mountain School of Photography (thank you, Neil, for being such an inspirational teacher!).

In 1996 I found my soul-mate, Ken Stockdell, and married him the following year.   Ken shares my love of photography and is an excellent photographer himself.  Our Christian faith is also very important to us, and we are involved in our local church, Orange Hill Baptist, where we both sing on the vocal team.

Ken and I love to travel.  We’re working our way through Europe and have been to Vienna, Rome, Florence, Venice, London, and Prague.  Before I met Ken, I traveled to Switzerland, which I think is about the most beautiful place on earth!

I have rediscovered the joy of reading (after wasting too much time on TV…) and hope that I’m disciplined enough to continue this new habit!  The other priorities for the future are developing a website to display and sell my photos, learning calligraphy, and reinvigorating my drawing/painting skills.

Please check out my links for other sites you might enjoy, and thanks for visiting!

What You Should Know

Favorite Photo Subjects:

Black-and-white infrared landscapes/scenes